Beyond passion and hard work to achieve Success

Beyond passion and hard work to achieve Success

Are you the one who is yet to taste the success in whatever you have aspired to do? You are working hard, yet results are not as per expectations. You got to be thinking now as to what’s holding you back and what is that something that you need to do to achieve what you desired to. Stay on and discover the secret.

We all define success for ourselves and create a vision to achieve it. Now while we are on the way to achieving success, we do bring in passion, hard work and determination to accomplish. On the way marching towards the vision. I am going to tell you what is that something that is extremely important and most of the time people don’t realize and are unable to achieve the success as they desire.

 Some might dream to be best heart surgeon of India and some may aim to be the best celebrity chef in the country while some may wish to be amongst the top fashion designer in the country. These aspirations definitely have to be supported by determination, passion and hard work. But these are not enough. There is something more that needs to be taken care of that plays a bigger role in your success.

Now all of our passion is there but sustaining that passion and energy on course to achieve the vision also depends on power of community that we choose. Yes, one of the most important thing is the circle of people and community whom you spend time with on daily basis. 

Listed below is the powerful ingredient that sets apart successful pack from an unsuccessful one and that you also need to be apprised of while you are on your path to success.

1.  You need to primarily identify people in your day to day circle and form a community of people who challenge and inspire you.  Identify circle of people in your family, friends or colleagues who are a part of same profession, ambitious and who also have powerful vision to achieve, who constantly challenge and encourage to think out of the comfort zone helping to look beyond the obvious. For example: If someone wants to be a great chef, he/she should look forward to spend more time with group of people who love to eat good food and varieties and challenge him to cook something out of extra ordinary. Such people will encourage you and provide valuable inputs and be together with you in celebrating his small milestones. One needs to find ways to meet such people often and be with them and spend more time with them. These kinds of people spread positive vibes and inspire you each day and that gives that awesome energy to achieve the envisioned success. There must be at least 4 such people in your life.

2. Having identified the people who inspire you, now identify people who do not challenge you and are full of negativity and who discourage you on taking small steps. If not discourage you, they don’t value any good about what you are doing in your career and never celebrate with you on your small accomplishments and you can feel in some cases that they are jealous of you. Such people don’t challenge you and talk only of problems and difficulty level. Such people are called as Toxic people. These people can be amongst your friends, family and work colleagues. Now once Toxic people have been identified, you need to look to take a hard decision to avoid spending more time with them or spend no time. Why I say hard decision as they could be a childhood friend and old colleagues whom they have spent good time in your professional life, even they can be from your family. Now at times it becomes difficult to stop spending time as they are close to you but still play a toxic role in your vision of success. You need to find way to spend less time with them and more time with people who challenge you and inspire you.

This reminds me of a very relevant quote““Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you too can become great.”” –Mark Twain

Recently, you all must have seen classic movie SANJU where you have seen how toxic was Sanju’s friend who introduced him to drugs and that hampered his life. By the time, Sanju realized that his friend was Toxic, he had almost lost his youth. Such a fine actor who would have ruled the industry for long was on and off the screen. Sanju did not realize this and similarly we don’t realize until we really put on another lens and take the call ourselves. So the power is in your hands.

In this world where we all are racing for success for ourselves and even for the kids to see them successful in their education, the circle of people and community we build around us play a major role. This is applicable for kids as well who needs to understand the power of great community.

So by now I am sure you must have realized the power of community is extremely important and can play a major role in shaping destiny no matter how big the vision is and you have best of tools and passion to achieve it. 

“Power of great community is the fuel that can drive you successfully to achieve your vision.”

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