The Magic of Appreciation
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The Magic of Appreciation

As humans we all love to be acknowledged for what we do and desire to seek attention. Appreciation is extremely important way of expressing that. This has the power to transform a person’s life completely.

Let me give an example of a child. When you a say, “ Wow, what you just did was wonderful”, “you are a very good boy/girl”,  when a child performs on stage in school or gets good marks in his subjects and hears the applause, have you ever closely observed his expression and body language? The happiness on the child’s face inexplicable. Such moments of appreciation make him feel loved and happy. In some corner of his heart, the child gathers the confidence and strong rays of positive energy go through him.

 We adults are no different and experience the same when appreciated. We all as humans have been gifted with powerful emotions. This can be experienced in our regular day to day life while we are at work or at home. All of us look for appreciation for what we do. The power of it is amazing and a strong source of motivation for all age groups, both at the personal and professional front.

Why appreciation is important?

Appreciation gives lot of confidence, rejuvenates, increases productivity and makes a person more creative. This spreads positive vibes within your body and keeps you motivated and happy. Few genuine words when expressed from heart to applaud and appreciate can change the fundamental chemistry of your relationship with your partners, colleagues, employees etc.

There was a time in my career where few months into a project with tight timelines.Being new to organization, I had seen only complaints and negativity about overall program floating around.Life was looking miserable. That project was delivered somehow and impact on me was not good. I felt awful and developed negative beliefs about the organization. There was one gentlemen for whom I have the highest regard who himself was new to organization and was my boss for new assignment. He had shown me a mirror of who I am and what I can achieve. He made me realize my capabilities based on my strong past experience and appreciated my strengths. He had shown confidence in me and that moment changed my life and I had gained the enthusiasm in me and energy to do anything and everything. I had worked with him throughout, successfully executed multiple projects as part of 3 year road map. Got promotion and developed a strong working relationship. I look back and realize the power of appreciation that infused fresh flow of energy to move ahead with stronger strides.

What needs to be remembered?

In reality, not everyone knows on how to genuinely appreciate others. This is a skill that all of us must have. Saying few words like “You have done a fabulous job”, “Well done”. This lifts other person and one who always feel acknowledged and appreciated will always go an extra mile do much more than expected. The act of appreciation is something that should come out whole heartedly and the body language of the giver needs to exhibit the powerful rays of energy needed for the receiver to get him excited , motivated to such an extent that you see the confidence oozing out from the receiver’s eyes. Be generous and genuine in your praise and applause.

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