Opportunities don’t knock. You need to create them!

Are you the one who:

  • Is ambitious, yet unable to decide the path to achieve what you want to?
  • Wants to make a difference in your life, but scared to come out of your comfort zone?
  • Feel that you are stuck in your Job or business and something stops you from moving forward?
  • Has a dream, but have blockages in mind that prevents you to achieve them?
  • Takes life as it come to them and not sure of their true potential?
  • Are looking to be happy in your life from within?

If any of the above feelings is true for you, then. I can hold your hand and take you through an incredible journey of transformation that can change your life forever. 

One-on-One and Group coaching

I take one-on-one and group coaching program for 10 weeks.

In this period, I will work with you once every week for 2 hrs to get you through a time tested coaching system that helps you achieve powerful breakthrough and get results what you signed up for. 

Program Benefits

My sessions that uses Interactive model that uses powerful tools and exercises to help you:

  • Discover yourself – Who are you as an individual, what are your core qualities
  • Break your internal barriers that you have never been aware of
  • Rewire your mind from limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs
  • Experience the breakthroughs and shift in yourself
  • Explore how to push your limits beyond your comfort zone
  • Take great decision and destroy any obstructions that come your way
  • Define your success roadmap

The Relationship is not only developed but needs to be nurtured as well!!

Coaching for Couples

Are you the one who:

  • Wants to explore and experience love, purpose and meaning in your relationship?
  • Looking forward to get on a journey of an awesome married life?
  • Want to understand the secrets of everlasting bond of love?
  • Looking forward for happiness within you as a couple?
Then this is for you.  I will work closely with you to help you achieve breakthroughs in your 
conduct coaching for couples during 12 weeksI meet them once a week for 90 minutes duration 
to help you achieve the results you have signed up for. The coaching system uses powerful set of 
exercises and tools to help you achieve breakthroughs during the program 

This benefits the couples to:

  • Understand the root cause of problem in their relationship
  • Rewire your mind from limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs
  • Learn how to identify warning signs and avoid harmful conflicts
  • Learn to have growth mindset for their relationship
  • Understand how to take great decisions together and find any obstructions
  • Understand why the love fades and how to re kindle the love
  • Create a new vision for their everlasting bond

What I need from you

You will be honest in your connect with me and be honest.  I can get you results you desire only, if there is a cooperation. It requires commitment from me and you to get you discover the new you.

What People Say?

“Shailesh has been a great friend for some time now. I have observed him turning into an incredible coach who is continuously creating an awesome impact on many lives. So proud of you my friend!”
Anjali Ahuja
Director, HR
Shailesh’s inspiration is unparalleled. I have witnessed his journey turning into an excellent coach, which has been his passion all along.
Jaya Khanna
Travel Entrepreneur
Before I interacted with him, I was not sorted both personally and professionally. After a couple of sessions itself, I felt more in control and in a space of restful mind. It’s not often that we find people like Shailesh.
Senthilraj Andavar
Sr. Technology Architect
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